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Denver BREAKTHROUGH SEMINARS: Awareness - BREAKTHROUGH - Transformation
Event Starts:
Friday February 10, 2012
@ 12:00pm

Event Ends:
Tuesday July 31, 2012
@ 12:00am


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Presented by:
George Ira Carroll

George Ira Carroll specializes in delivering Results Focused Coaching for Powerful and Passionate Entrepreneurs who want to grow and make a bigger impact in the world. His Coaching Process is designed to help Committed Entrepreneurs take their business from 5-Figures to 6-figures so they can serve more people and have more fun doing what they love. He delivers Breakthrough Training Seminars all over the country that give Entrepreneurs, Employees and Growing Small Businesses the Mindset, strategies and tools necessary to TANGIBLY grow their business. He has consulted and trained with Capital One, Monster.com, American Family Insurance and Keller Williams, just to name a few.

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"Entrepreneurs will be the Leaders of the New World."

Don't read any further until you WATCH THIS VIDEO!

Breakthrough Seminars
Unleashing the Entrepreneur Within

12 Gateways to Breakthrough your Business Blocks so you can Grow Yourself to

I'm ready to create Breakthrough in my business!!


(If you're not ready to create breakthroughs and amazing growth in your business, this program will NOT be for you...)

From: George Ira Carroll
Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.

Dear Entrepreneur and Personal Growth "Junkie",
Whether you're a solo-preneur of a small home-based business, a Network Marketing Professional, an Internet Marketing Master, a Coach, or you're heading up a team selling products from multiple locations, growing your business takes a lot of work and TONS of Personal Growth, and we all know that Personal Growth isn't cheap. In fact, some seminars can run into the $500-$3,000 range, and sometimes more...! 

"Of all the things that can have an effect on your
future, I believe personal growth is the greatest. We can
talk about sales growth, profit growth, asset growth,
but all of this probably will not happen without
personal growth."

--Jim Rohn
But what if you didn't have to spend 1000's of dollars to jump on the Personal Growth bandwagon(if you're not already on it)? And what if you could get the personal growth you're looking for so you can also Grow your Business? Let's face it, in order to Grow Our Business, we have to grow ourselves first, don't we? And as Anthony Robbins always says, "if we aren't growing, we're dying." 

Many Entrepreneurs stay stagnant, repeating the same ol' limiting patters over and over again...and you know the definition of insanityDoing the same things over and over expecting a different result. But once you get the Personal Development that will help you Breakthrough some of the barriers that have stopped you from growing your business, you will step up into a whole new level of yourself, and in turn, a whole new level of Growing your Business!

Do you find yourself...
  • Wanting to Grow your Business, but feel stagnant and can't seem to get past some of those same old patterns?
  • Not growing your business as quickly and as swiftly as you know you could? 
  • Feeling "Bi-Polar" due to all the ups and downs in your business? 
  • Seeking more consistent growth in your business?
  • Feeling like you're paper-thin layers away from EXPLODING in your business?!
"You will either step forward into growth or
you will step back into safety.
--Abraham Maslow



Quick story: A golfer was struggling to hit his golf balls straight on to the fairway, if you can imagine. After weeks of frustration, he finally hired a swing coach to come in and analyze his swing. After observing him for hours, and watching the ball shank and slice, the coach noticed that at the end of the golfer's swing, he shifted his left wrist ever so slightly. As he shifted his wrist, the coach saw that it changed the angle of the club, preventing his club from hitting the ball head on by 2 degrees, which translated in the ball missing the fairway more than 30 feet at times. So, with this new awareness, the coach showed the golfer this small shift in his left wrist, which created a 2 degree difference in hitting the ball straight on, but equated to 30 and 40 feet off the mark. As soon as the golfer corrected this minor shift, he was hitting the ball on target, exactly where he wanted it to go, allowing him to climb back up the ranks and achieve the massive success he initially set out to achieve!

What if you're only 2 degrees away...?

If it feels like you're 2 degrees away from creating HUGE Breakthroughs in your business, it's because you are!! Our Sub-Conscious mind has a way of letting us know when we're really close to something big! If you can feel this within you, KEEP READING :) 

The problem with most Entrepreneurs who want to grow their business is that they aren't willing to Grow themselves first. This may not be true your case, but I see MANY entrepreneurs fall into this trap. Remember, WE are the common thread in our own businesses, and if we aren't growing at the rate we want our business to grow, I think we can figure out why...This is key: Our business will grow only as fast as we grow.

If we aren't growing, our business isn't growing!

You see, our business is a direct reflection of us, and if we have money blocks, for example, our business will also experience money blocks, which we will handle in one of the 12 Breakthrough Seminars calledYour Abundant Mind. If you have a block with self-worth, you will have challenges getting clients to see the value in you, and your product or service, which we will cover in the Power of Self-Love Seminar. If you have a fear of rejection, fear of success, fear of what others will think, you will have blockages in each of these areas and we will Breakthrough your fears in the seminar Breaking Through Fear, which is a FULL 2-Day Event to Start off the 2012 year! 


**To see a Full list of the Breakthrough Seminars you will have the option attending, click this "I'm Ready for Breakthroughs" link, or you can register below.



Over the course of starting and running my business, these are all areas I've had to overcome and Breakthrough in order to Grow my Business. I remember thinking, "Will I ever find the Success that I know I desire and deserve?" "Will I ever Breakthrough to the version of me I can see in my mind?" As I continued to persist, I continued to uncover limiting beliefs, mental blocks, head trash and stuck emotion, and I continued to pile through the blocks and barriers that kept me from the levels of success and achievement that I knew were waiting for me.

As you may know, with passionate persistence, we can accomplish anything. It took going through some really hard financial and emotional times, but I persisted and Broke Through the barriers that kept me from the amazing success I am currently experiencing. I've Grown my Business to a place from thinking about, "How am I going to pay my bills" to "Who else can I hire to help me expand my work into the world."
"In times of change, the Learners will inherit the earth, while the learned will find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists."
--Eric Hoffer
I'll never forget that day...

It was a cold, winter morning, and I couldn't get out of bed...my car was about to get re-possessed, my office space payment was 3 months past due and I had no clients in my pipeline...It was in that moment I almost gave up...then, I found my deepest strength. The exact quote I needed to hear was what gave me the strength to keep going to find a way to make it happen. I was on YouTube, desperately searching for some inspiration, and I came across a Tony Robbins video and he said, "It is when you are the most confused and cloudy that you are on the verge of breakthrough...NOW is the time to Take Action in FAITH...


In that moment, I realized I had stopped reaching outside of my comfort zone, where all growth happens. I realized that I was "playing it safe" and wasn't invest in myself. I took the first step, and the minute I began to re-invest in the most important asset in my business(me), I came out of my funk like a rocket ship leaving the Earth. I began going to seminars again, I began hiring coaching again, and even though my bank account was almost flat lining, I trusted, and I had faith that if I took action in faith, I would bounce back stronger than ever.

Now, because of the experiences I've had and the tools I've learned and applied, I am expanding in my business at a rapid rate! I'm a magnet to opportunities like never before. I'm a more effective coach for my clients, and I'm a more powerful Seminar Leader for the participants who come to Grow. I'm constantly looking for new people to partner with so they can help me grow my business, and these Breakthrough Seminars that you're conisdering are a reflection of the growth that I'm experiencing, and I want to passionately share it with you!!

What people are saying about George's Breakthrough Work: 

“I trust George unequivocally. After recently being laid off and re-joining the workforce I was overcome with the fear of failing and letting my family down. Anxiety was controlling me, then I went to see George. He helped bring clarity to my life and working with George, I now feel like the path of my life has been changed. I approach each day with the confidence of knowing that no matter the obstacle, I cannot be broken. Had I never come to George, I can’t say where I’d be heading, but today, thanks to him, I feel limitless.”

Tony Lee - Executive Sales
LEAM Drilling Systems Inc.


“For as long as I can remember, I knew that I was enough, I knew that I really did have value, but the way that I actually felt about myself did not match that inner knowing. I needed someone to help me see my light and allow it to shine. That someone was George. In working with George, the direction of my life was transformed. I am now someone who adores himself.  It has truly changed the way I look at life. Thank You George.”

Michael Martinez, LMT


“I would be where I am today, if it were not for your skills and expertise is reigniting what had seemed all but lost.  It is hard for me to imagine the road I might have traveled if it weren’t for you. Thank you…I feel like I owe you my life (literally).”

Heather Noonan
Owner of Change Vector Global


"I had a lot of thinking and feeling on my way home. It felt like a light-switch! I have my "mojo" back! I can't pinpoint what happened exactly to make this shift but I walked out of your office empowered and open and in touch with my essence, my sensual self. I have ME back and I'm ready to make things happen!"

J.Davies - Davies Healing Arts
Crystal Light Healing



“After my first session with George, I knew something big had shifted- his unique combination of conscious and sub-conscious work really allows me to watch my patterns change every day, and apply the new pattern myself when I can. When I experienced a major shift in a relationship, George was able to guide me through it with a few simple words that totally changed everything about that experience. A sincere thank you, George, for changing what I see in the mirror, and changing what I see in my life. I know you'll say I did it myself, but you helped a ton.”

Amanda Griffith - Owner and Creator of Dolphin Feet


Is it time to Breakthrough to the next level in your business, and your life?!

For a limited time, I'm offering rediculously low introductory membership pricing for the FIRST 25 people who sign up for the membership! The special pricing is below. Don't allow another minute to pass without investing in the number one asset to your busines...YOU!! 




"It is in the moments of decision that your
destiny is shaped...Choose wisely. "
--Anthony Robbins




------------------------------------> What YOU get!

Entry Level Membership - $470 ONLY $197!!
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-FREE Entrance into 3 Breakthrough Seminars!($207 Value)
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**Membership lasts for 1 full year!!**

How it all works:

  1. Register for your membership
  2. Choose your FREE CD
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  4. Choose your Breakthrough Seminars as you go!!